Finding the Joy in the very small things

Each morning of our present indoor confinement due to the “world virus,” I try to offer myself a little “pep talk.” Today my self-message was “try to find joy in the very small things.” This brought to mind…

Dad: The Alternate Sunday Mass Usher
Whether a phone call came or he was a last-minute tap on the shoulder at the church, Daddy somehow took great pleasure in his post of alternate usher. Best was when he did know in advance because he would spruce up especially for the occasion. I remember one time he came down the stairs and into the living room grinning ear-to-ear. He wore a light gray suit with fine plum threading, a pink dress shirt with long sleeves, French cuffs and links, and a complimenting necktie. His shave and hair-comb were impeccable, and there was a hint of Old Spice cologne. Next he would stop in front of the little coat closet’s full-length mirror and straighten his collar and tie. One time I swear I saw him winking at himself while fingering the knot on the tie; but when he saw me looking he quickly returned to his “professional” expression. Then, he asked: “Marie, Pat, Nancy, are you ready to go?” If we were not ready to leave quite so early, Dad would excuse himself and head across the street to the church. We would follow soon enough after and hold his place. I’m pretty sure he could have waited a little longer for us, but the subtle truth is, although his well-ahead of time departure was attributed to the pride in his volunteer position, there was another small pleasure hidden in this Sunday event:

The Sunday Morning Tribune
Yes, the Sunday paper was the main reason he left earlier than he needed to get to the church. He would have plenty of time before the Mass to pick up his usher badge and offerings basket. But it was important as well that he have his copy of the Sunday Morning Tribune. It was a very thick folded over paper with the “funnies” section in full color. He was an aspiring although not actual cartoon artist, so he loved that particular part of the Sunday paper. For sure, the Sunday Morning Tribune was a once-a-week pleasure. The papers were sold to the congregation as they streamed out after the service until all copies were exhausted. So, before Mass, Dad would first visit the man with the stack of Sunday newspapers in the breezeway of the church, pay him in advance to hold a copy of the Tribune paper, and pick it up after the Mass and his usher duties concluded.

Sometimes we would have to wait for him on the front-of-church sidewalk square, but it gave Mother a chance to have exclusive chit-chat time with Father Halperin. Soon enough Dad would come down the church’s front stairs, and there was that secret smile again. At home, he would walk-back the suit-coat/tie attire, roll up his shirt sleeves and sit in his one-and-only forest green stuffed chair. With the thick Sunday treat at his feet, he began his weekly ritual, going thru section by section, until he reached the “funnies.” With each section he finished, he neatly folded it back and placed it in the bunch very ready for the next family reader.

Mother cooked the Sunday meal; we set the table. There might be a Cubs game on TV afterward. Clearly and simply, “all was good.” We were all together, tucked in our house. Truly, all was more than good.

I like to speak of the lessons learned from my memories of growing up. Here, I learned from Dad’s little pleasures to plan ahead, dress for success, appreciate yourself, and of course,  find the joy in the very smallest things!  I wish you an extra dose of joyful findings each day of our present worldly struggle.

Angel Blessings~  N



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Satisfied? or Gratified? Choosing What’s Best

All of us have heard the sage advice, “be grateful for all you have.”  It is a reminder to activate the words “thank you” and give and receive attaching emotions.  Over our years, we have also heard the statement, “just be satisfied with what you have.”  And it appears we have subconsciously applied to this advice the same meaning and virtue as gratitude.  The truth could not be further from wrong.

Gratitude is an action, a dynamic, or vibrant experience.  Even while holding gratitude in silence, there is the feeling of the heart’s swell.   Most importantly, our gratitude or “thank you” sends the message that we desire more of the same.

Satisfaction, on the other hand, is a static or immobile state of being.  It is a feeling of fulfillment.  In addition, chanting “just be satisfied” may be a mental or emotional disguise for an underlying belief in lack or a feeling of hopelessness (“it will never happen, so…”).

While the semantics of the foregoing mantras may appear minor, the effective difference is critical in attracting greater health, wealth and prosperity.  In the natural Law of Attraction, like attracts like.  The Law has no random magnetic operation; rather, the “like” attracted is magnetized by what we dominantly believe, think, feel, speak, and act upon.  In all instances, the Law is without argument to these signals.

Satisfaction is saying, “I am full; I am done.”  Gratitude is exclaiming “I love it and I would love more.”  In satisfaction there is completion.  In gratitude there is creation, because that which we applaud, the Universe will multiply.

To receive all that you desire, exercise gratitude every moment of each day.  Hold satisfaction for good things done…like breakfast, lunch or tea.  Angel Blessings In Your Day~ N





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You Used To Be…

Recently I enjoyed reconnecting by chance with a former acquaintance.  We smiled.  We talked.  We shared.  We laughed.   As we were parting with the customary good wishes, she said to me, “You used to be so motivational; you’re much calmer now, but then, you’re older.”  With that, we walked our separate ways.  Mine was complemented with mutterings of indignation.  “Used to be?”  “Older?” “Doesn’t she see the real me?”  “My energy is…is…”  An “Ahha” moment—alternatively “uh-oh”–cooled my disorderly fire.  In truth, I couldn’t complete the sentence.  I didn’t know where my energy or true Spirit was, much less its description.

For the past several days, my brain was at the helm, consumed with unfair challenges occurring in my physical experience.  You know the kind:  money, health, family, etc.  Every day I picked up on my self-assigned chores designed to arrive at fixed solutions. Results could not be forced, and I had not really felt any positive excitement.  To this I added feelings of failure, followed by sadness, with despair–like a UPS package–waiting at my door.  Now that I think of it, in the midst of that everyday mental web, I had even bemoaned, “I’ve lost my Spirit!”

“You used to be.”  I realized that the little phrase is but an engaging stimulus to a person’s Spirit and not at all the affront the ego perceives.  It’s a phrase that forces a person into the Present Moment, where options exist and all choices are made.  Do I want to be where/what I was?  Or, should I compliment myself on having moved beyond that appearance?  For me, the choice was simple and without labor.  With that one phrased invitation, I became aware that my constant laments had inadvertently sent my true Spirit “out-to-lunch.”  Now all I need do is to bring it back, and “Bring It!

Perhaps one day someone will say to you, “you used to be.”  If you want the energy type referred to, claim it.  If you feel dis-ease with hearing it referenced, be joyful in your forward move.  Unknowingly, the speaker offered it in its own perfect time.  Don’t let the Ego interfere with your Journey.   Angel Blessings In Your DayN

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Don’t Spill On Your Shirt

I was picking up my clothes at the dry cleaners when I overheard the conversation.  “I asked him  not to spill on this shirt—it’s the one I gave him—but naturally, he spilled on it.”  She rattled on, “I wanted to go out for steak, but naturally he chose an Italian place and of course he got tomato sauce all over it.”

An engaging story, it made me think that likely at one time or another we’ve each worried about spilling on the clothes we wear, probably because it’s one of our favorite pieces.  And there are a few of us who are also guilty of saying to a spouse, “please, don’t spill on your shirt.”  With all the worry and concern, ultimately we usually find a spill on that favorite shirt.  Why is that?

The Law of Attraction

Tip #1:  What you focus on you receive.  That is to also say, what you say you want, is what you get.   Okay, yes, the sentence is: “don’t spill on your shirt.”  Glad you asked.  Here’s the answer.

Tip #2:  The Universe responds to the action verb—not to linking verbs, contractions or negative adverbs (such as the word “don’t.”)  In our shirt example “spill on my shirt” is the action you actually place energy on.  And, that’s the energy to which the good-hearted Universe responds.

Sound complicated?  It’s simple really.  And those two little tips will greatly advance your success in attracting what you really want.  Here are some starter steps:

  •  Practice actively listening to the words you think  and speak.
  • Capture a few sentences in your daily routine and mentally diagram them out to the core subject, verb, and object, deleting  any linking verbs, contractions and negative adverbs you hear.
  • Say the remaining words aloud.  Remember: what  you say you want is what you get. 
  • Make wording corrections as needed for your positive expression and gain.  For instance,  in our example, try saying instead, “I keep my shirt clean.”
  • Repeat new sentence 3-5x with positive energy.
  • Follow with “and so it is.”

Practice active listening, and positive thinking and speaking in all areas of your life.  As you step  away from the old slang, you will be delighted in attracting more and more of your heart’s true desires.  Just relax, and keep your shirt clean.      Angel Blessings~ N

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Be Still and Listen to the Laughter…

Little red-breasted sparrows imagine they are hummingbirds as they jump and suck from the feeders.  Oftentimes they disallow the hummingbird its own source.  I go outside and gently “shoo” them, saying, “okay, that’s enough now.”  The sparrows return to their tree and I hear them laughing happily, as if they were waiting for me to come out and catch them in the act. 

It’s always been common to me to not only speak to Nature, but also to hear what it is that these living energies are saying.  I was surprised that in sharing this story, a neighbor ridiculed the fact that I said I could “hear the birds laughing.”  I was equally surprised that she could not hear them at all.

In order to hear the laughter in the trees, among the birds, or in the wind, we must release the need to fill in the silence with our own thoughts, words, and intention.  When we open the heart and allow the speaking energy to flow in without judgment or need to question a divine communication appears.  And as we practice this 2-way communication with Nature, we train ourselves to communicate on this deeper level with each other as well.  In this kind of communication, we experience peace rather than agitation. We experience love rather than fear.  So if only for today, “Be still and listen to the laughter in the trees.”  Angel Blesssings In Your Day!   ~N

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What Was the Question Again?

Today I heard an infomercial that began, “Are you more spiritual than religious?”  Huh? What was the question?

Misfortunately, the word “spiritual” has somehow become an “out” from identifying with any properly named church-community. Vice-versa, the word “religious” is used to assert that one is indeed associated with such a defined church community and therefore not interested in “spiritual” generalizations.  And sometimes we feel cheated that we must choose one self-descriptive over the other.  Let’s clear up the projection of these beautiful terms.

Start with the understanding that we each have our material (physical) self and our spiritual (etheric/unseen) self. The material self includes our physical presentation, and the spiritual self engages our innermost–sometimes private, but also most authentic–Energy. Factually, both the words “spiritual” and “religious” are synonymous in meaning, which is: “holy, devout, sacred,” and more.  True, the root word “religion” has been applied to define any of the many organized groups’ fundamental tenets.  However, the true fact is that while the the word “religion” does mean a “belief” or “creed,” nowhere does its definition state “organized” or “organization” as a part of it.  Further, the word “religion” also means “a practice, a way, or a system.”  

“Religion,” therefore, is the umbrella word for everything any one of us devoutly practices or believes–whether organized or fluid.  I assure you that your spiritualitiy (energy) is radiating in your religion (presentation), and conversely in the mind of God where we each reside, your religion (devotion) is indeed extending your Spirituality.  So then, if you are asked if you are “religious” or “more spiritual,” you might just reply, “yes, I AM THAT.”  Angel Blessings In Your Day~ N

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Linking the Material and Spiritual Lives: 5 Easy Tips

Your material self is your managed image and personality in your physical experience.  Your spiritual self is your innermost, sometimes secretive, but ever- authentic life energy.   Another way of understanding the difference is that the material self is who you think you are, studied to be, or believe you should be for others; while the spiritual self is who you truly are whole-heartedly and without effort. 

The next question may necessarily be: “why do I want to link the two?” Answer:  to fully enjoy the law of attraction.  You see, while the material self is hard-wired for hard work throughout perceived imperfect situations, the spirit or spiritual self gives and receives nothing less than fun, ease of moments, self-appreciation, self-love, health, and wealth.  You may easily recall those times you could feel your spirit or whole heart invested in a project. You will further recall it is those times when your motivation, inspiration, creativity and effectiveness were easily heightened.  And, as you know, the type of energy you expend attracts more of the same kind.  With the above said, it seems to follow that it’s a good choice to bring your true spirit, your authentic self, into all engagements.  The good news is that it’s easy to integrate your true spirit if you simply apply your material life tools.  Following are five tips to get you started.

Tip #1.  The Resume.  Get to know your true spirit or your natural flow.  If you’ve ever found yourself saying to another: “you don’t know me,” or “you don’t really know me at all,” it’s a good clue you never sat down and described the authentic self that you wish others to see. Use the resume approach to get started.  Good bullet points may include:   (a) my spirit’s name and description—refer to the earth elements and your style of movement; (b) my spirit’s passion–what accomplishments were easy and effortless because of your relentless desire and devotion?  (c) My spirit’s divine purpose—what greatness can you accomplish with that fire within?  

Tip #2.  The Task or “To Do” List.   This tool is a great one to apply in developing your spiritual self.  Call it your daily heart’s desire or intent list.  At the beginning of your day, write one desire or intent which reflects what you wish to give and receive for the higher good.  Make a form and fill in the blank every morning:  “My intent is to________.”   Carry it with or paste it where it will reappear to you.  At day’s end, see if it’s complete.  If not, re-intent it to tomorrow’s list.  There is even an engaging website to this end, created by Malika Chopra (  There you can blog your intents and follow your progress as well as be inspired by others.

 Tip #3.  Teamwork or Teaming Up.  Just as a material business has employee groups to network in creating and effecting ideas, the internet and social media channels offer many opportunities for you to connect with people of like passion once you’ve clearly identified yours (Tip #1).  Use these resources to exchange and build on your true heart’s desire, rather than merely opine and build numbers.

Tip #4.  Make and Keep Appointments.  This is similar to creating “tactics” in any business goal plan.  Create clear steps to nourish and express your spiritual self.  Calendar them.  Whether it’s yoga, meditation, walking the beach, smelling the roses, or speaking with your angels—set a date and time in your reminder system.  Keep the appointment; or, for those rare times you must cancel, set a new date and time in your keeper immediately, just as you would do for others.  Make a greater effort the next time to “be there.”

Tip #5.  Attendance: Show Up.  This last tip is of course the first as well.  There is neither business owner nor employee that ever achieved greatness by “calling in sick.”  And of course, repeated action of this kind results in failure or loss.  This loss is noticeable in our spiritual life when we are tired, sad, and unenthusiastic to name a few.  To apply good attendance for your spirit, include a mirror check twice a day: one in the morning, one midday.  Your true spirit is reflected within your eyes.  Look into your eyes in the morning.  Greet your spirit by name and with an expression of love or affirmation.  Midday, check again during your material break.  Can you see your truest self in your eyes?  Is your sparkle present, or is it faded?  Develop a menu of quick tools to revive it at any time of decline.  Base your menu items on your spirit’s elemental style.  You may need a splash of water, a walk of earth, a ray of sun, or ten full breaths of air.  Just as your PBJ-sandwich feeds your body, you’ll notice your new menu revive the spiritual you. 

With these simple tools, I hope you continue to bring it—your True Spirit, that is.  If you need additional tips and tools, please visit

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Telepathy: Do You Think We’re Ready for It?

Telepathy is communication directly from one person’s mind to another’s without speech, writing, or other signs or symbols.  True telepathic communication requires us to first reside in a place of spiritual authenticity or holy truth:  tell the truth about yourself, tell the truth about yourself to another, and tell the truth about another to another.  This kind of truth is not created from facts and information; rather it exists when we speak from our heart or God-Center.  Alternatively, we call this place “chi” or “prana.”  Whatever term you choose, it is at this center we have no need to opine, dispute, or convince; rather we speak cooperatively with awareness of our universal or divine link.  Telepathic communication emanates from a place that outreaches fear—a place in which the entire Universe dwells.   I wonder…can we be in a place where we are free of analyzing and rethinking and instead let our life breath do the speaking?  Meditation or receptive stillness is an important step toward the goal of telepathy.  Observing throughout the day without judging is another good step.  Make a pledge to try it for a week.  Can you imagine reaching a world of telepathic communication?  It’s not only faster and more convenient; it’s a place where you and I are truly one, holy, and in-Spirit.   Angel Blessings in Your Day ~N   (for more spiritual tips & tools, please visit

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Refining Your Defining Statement

At business networking meetings, folks are usually asked to introduce their company or service using a “30-second rule.”  While there are more rule-breakers than non-, those who have honed their defining statement down to the thirty seconds receive greater attention and invite continuing dialogue with others later on.  It seems crystal clear then, that this is an excellent rule for each of us to apply in describing our divine or spiritual purpose .  Once it’s written, because of its brevity, this 30-second defining statement easily  becomes your personal mantra or chant.   Spoken publicly or privately, the more you say it, the more you will attract those people, places and events which further it.   And therein lies the gist of synchronicity.  So what are you waiting for?  Write your Defining Statement.  Use the 30-second rule (usually means 1-2 lines).   Just write, don’t think.  You can refine as often as you need.  Try the following lead-ins to get you started:   “My divine purpose is to _______”  “I serve people who _______.”  

Engage in this simple writing exercise because it honors You.   If you’ve been struggling with understanding your divine purpose—or perhaps never tried to—this process will map you right to it.   Make it fun, and ask your angels to help with the scripting.  The more you ask, the more they love to help.   I look forward to meeting definable You!   Noticeable Blessings In Your Day~  N

My divine purpose is to entertain people into the Light.  I serve people who wish to identify and change powerless patterns and worn-out beliefs which interfere with acquiring all that serves them best.”   Nancine Meyer,

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Oftentimes I hear people exchange the word “namaste” as we do “good-bye” or “see ‘ya.”   More concerning is that I often hear/see some folks use “namaste” as a spiritual blessing in ending their uninvited disparagement of another, (much like the use of the phrase, “I hope you won’t mind, but,”) or, worse,  as a “seal of rightness” in concluding their spiritual or political point-of-view.   Both are misplaced usage.   Let me introduce you, or return you, to the grace of the word, “Namaste.”

“Namaste” is a spiritual acknowledgement — not a blessing on whatever was aforesaid or done, good/bad or indifferent.   It is uttered only after quieting the mind, listening only to life’s breath, and in that moment’s stillness,  feeling  the who/what/where/when of our God-connectedness.   It is to say at that moment:

“I see You.  I honor that place in You in which the entire universe dwells…I honor the place in You which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace…and I know, when You are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,  We are One.”  

The word “Namaste”  is the invitation to the speaker as well as the listener to be, for the present moment, together in that place of God-connectedness;  a place where opinions, controversies,  and the mental loops do not, and cannot, reside.  Ahhhhhhhhh Gooshwannada!  Noticeable Blessings In Your Day~ N

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