Linking the Material and Spiritual Lives: 5 Easy Tips

Your material self is your managed image and personality in your physical experience.  Your spiritual self is your innermost, sometimes secretive, but ever- authentic life energy.   Another way of understanding the difference is that the material self is who you think you are, studied to be, or believe you should be for others; while the spiritual self is who you truly are whole-heartedly and without effort. 

The next question may necessarily be: “why do I want to link the two?” Answer:  to fully enjoy the law of attraction.  You see, while the material self is hard-wired for hard work throughout perceived imperfect situations, the spirit or spiritual self gives and receives nothing less than fun, ease of moments, self-appreciation, self-love, health, and wealth.  You may easily recall those times you could feel your spirit or whole heart invested in a project. You will further recall it is those times when your motivation, inspiration, creativity and effectiveness were easily heightened.  And, as you know, the type of energy you expend attracts more of the same kind.  With the above said, it seems to follow that it’s a good choice to bring your true spirit, your authentic self, into all engagements.  The good news is that it’s easy to integrate your true spirit if you simply apply your material life tools.  Following are five tips to get you started.

Tip #1.  The Resume.  Get to know your true spirit or your natural flow.  If you’ve ever found yourself saying to another: “you don’t know me,” or “you don’t really know me at all,” it’s a good clue you never sat down and described the authentic self that you wish others to see. Use the resume approach to get started.  Good bullet points may include:   (a) my spirit’s name and description—refer to the earth elements and your style of movement; (b) my spirit’s passion–what accomplishments were easy and effortless because of your relentless desire and devotion?  (c) My spirit’s divine purpose—what greatness can you accomplish with that fire within?  

Tip #2.  The Task or “To Do” List.   This tool is a great one to apply in developing your spiritual self.  Call it your daily heart’s desire or intent list.  At the beginning of your day, write one desire or intent which reflects what you wish to give and receive for the higher good.  Make a form and fill in the blank every morning:  “My intent is to________.”   Carry it with or paste it where it will reappear to you.  At day’s end, see if it’s complete.  If not, re-intent it to tomorrow’s list.  There is even an engaging website to this end, created by Malika Chopra (  There you can blog your intents and follow your progress as well as be inspired by others.

 Tip #3.  Teamwork or Teaming Up.  Just as a material business has employee groups to network in creating and effecting ideas, the internet and social media channels offer many opportunities for you to connect with people of like passion once you’ve clearly identified yours (Tip #1).  Use these resources to exchange and build on your true heart’s desire, rather than merely opine and build numbers.

Tip #4.  Make and Keep Appointments.  This is similar to creating “tactics” in any business goal plan.  Create clear steps to nourish and express your spiritual self.  Calendar them.  Whether it’s yoga, meditation, walking the beach, smelling the roses, or speaking with your angels—set a date and time in your reminder system.  Keep the appointment; or, for those rare times you must cancel, set a new date and time in your keeper immediately, just as you would do for others.  Make a greater effort the next time to “be there.”

Tip #5.  Attendance: Show Up.  This last tip is of course the first as well.  There is neither business owner nor employee that ever achieved greatness by “calling in sick.”  And of course, repeated action of this kind results in failure or loss.  This loss is noticeable in our spiritual life when we are tired, sad, and unenthusiastic to name a few.  To apply good attendance for your spirit, include a mirror check twice a day: one in the morning, one midday.  Your true spirit is reflected within your eyes.  Look into your eyes in the morning.  Greet your spirit by name and with an expression of love or affirmation.  Midday, check again during your material break.  Can you see your truest self in your eyes?  Is your sparkle present, or is it faded?  Develop a menu of quick tools to revive it at any time of decline.  Base your menu items on your spirit’s elemental style.  You may need a splash of water, a walk of earth, a ray of sun, or ten full breaths of air.  Just as your PBJ-sandwich feeds your body, you’ll notice your new menu revive the spiritual you. 

With these simple tools, I hope you continue to bring it—your True Spirit, that is.  If you need additional tips and tools, please visit

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