Who Moved the Butt Glue?

The inspirations we each receive day-to-day are amazingly guided and endless.    So I wonder, as I’m sure you do, why does successful implementation of great ideas often seem to fall short? 

Recently, while spending much of my would-be-writing day on somewhat productive yet extraneous activities (email, cooking, shopping) I found myself tired and increasingly irritable at its end.  Feeling unfulfilled I pointed aloud a la Eeyore at my writers’ block:  “(“Oh, woe is me,”) why can’t I write the next chapter or verse?” With sincere assistance in voice, I heard an angel say, “Oh, honey, someone moved your butt glue.”   Hmmm.  The next day, in order to find it, I uncovered all those extraneous movements and put them on the back burner for the time being.  I sat down with intention of and attention to only writing and trusting in the movement.  Sure, I feel the fear of the back burner items igniting.  But what joy I’m feeling in purpose now that I have found and applied it once more: Butt Glue, that is. 

So, I’d like to re-introduce you to yours.  Butt glue is the stuff you adhere to your  inspiration, creativity, and effectiveness.  It pastes your heart’s desire to your concentration.  It keeps your focus stuck on only the next stride in creating the inspiration you received.  Paradox to Elmer’s, your butt glue is the stuff that keeps you moving, not resting.   Perhaps you’ll move the pen, draw the next circle, phone or visit a new contact. The choices will arrive nonstop.  If you don’t see them clearly at first, maybe someone moved your butt glue–look around!   Angel Blessings ~ N

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