What Was the Question Again?

Today I heard an infomercial that began, “Are you more spiritual than religious?”  Huh? What was the question?

Misfortunately, the word “spiritual” has somehow become an “out” from identifying with any properly named church-community. Vice-versa, the word “religious” is used to assert that one is indeed associated with such a defined church community and therefore not interested in “spiritual” generalizations.  And sometimes we feel cheated that we must choose one self-descriptive over the other.  Let’s clear up the projection of these beautiful terms.

Start with the understanding that we each have our material (physical) self and our spiritual (etheric/unseen) self. The material self includes our physical presentation, and the spiritual self engages our innermost–sometimes private, but also most authentic–Energy. Factually, both the words “spiritual” and “religious” are synonymous in meaning, which is: “holy, devout, sacred,” and more.  True, the root word “religion” has been applied to define any of the many organized groups’ fundamental tenets.  However, the true fact is that while the the word “religion” does mean a “belief” or “creed,” nowhere does its definition state “organized” or “organization” as a part of it.  Further, the word “religion” also means “a practice, a way, or a system.”  

“Religion,” therefore, is the umbrella word for everything any one of us devoutly practices or believes–whether organized or fluid.  I assure you that your spiritualitiy (energy) is radiating in your religion (presentation), and conversely in the mind of God where we each reside, your religion (devotion) is indeed extending your Spirituality.  So then, if you are asked if you are “religious” or “more spiritual,” you might just reply, “yes, I AM THAT.”  Angel Blessings In Your Day~ N    www.MainStreetAngel.com

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