Be Still and Listen to the Laughter…

Little red-breasted sparrows imagine they are hummingbirds as they jump and suck from the feeders.  Oftentimes they disallow the hummingbird its own source.  I go outside and gently “shoo” them, saying, “okay, that’s enough now.”  The sparrows return to their tree and I hear them laughing happily, as if they were waiting for me to come out and catch them in the act. 

It’s always been common to me to not only speak to Nature, but also to hear what it is that these living energies are saying.  I was surprised that in sharing this story, a neighbor ridiculed the fact that I said I could “hear the birds laughing.”  I was equally surprised that she could not hear them at all.

In order to hear the laughter in the trees, among the birds, or in the wind, we must release the need to fill in the silence with our own thoughts, words, and intention.  When we open the heart and allow the speaking energy to flow in without judgment or need to question a divine communication appears.  And as we practice this 2-way communication with Nature, we train ourselves to communicate on this deeper level with each other as well.  In this kind of communication, we experience peace rather than agitation. We experience love rather than fear.  So if only for today, “Be still and listen to the laughter in the trees.”  Angel Blesssings In Your Day!   ~N

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