No You Didn’t Deserve This

I’ve been expriencing a cold and sore throat to be an irritating (literally) interruption in my otherwise energetic schedule. So, I complained aloud: “I didn’t deserve this.” Without hesitation the little cherubs to my right chimed in: “No you didn’t, you acquired it!” The message was offered sweetly and gently, although I clearly heard some giggling. “Okay,” I said, “I get it.” We each create these little speed bumps now and then. No one or anything outside of us is “placing it upon us.” A cold and sore throat? not my idea of a fine acquisition! What was I thinking? And that’s just it; I probably paid no regard.  But aha! The great thing is, seeing as I acquired it (created, attracted), I’m feeling empowered to plan its early disposition! And I happily look forward to acquiring (attracting; creating) something much more comfortable and enjoyable! Move along with me, Peeps, and pay attention to your acquisition time today. Bring your thoughts, words, and senses into focus for what you want; not what you fear you might “get.”  In your beautiful mind’s eye, “what You see, is what you get.”   Angel Blessings In Your Day!  N