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Telepathy: Do You Think We’re Ready for It?

Telepathy is communication directly from one person’s mind to another’s without speech, writing, or other signs or symbols.  True telepathic communication requires us to first reside in a place of spiritual authenticity or holy truth:  tell the truth about yourself, tell the truth about yourself to another, and tell the truth about another to another.  This kind of truth is not created from facts and information; rather it exists when we speak from our heart or God-Center.  Alternatively, we call this place “chi” or “prana.”  Whatever term you choose, it is at this center we have no need to opine, dispute, or convince; rather we speak cooperatively with awareness of our universal or divine link.  Telepathic communication emanates from a place that outreaches fear—a place in which the entire Universe dwells.   I wonder…can we be in a place where we are free of analyzing and rethinking and instead let our life breath do the speaking?  Meditation or receptive stillness is an important step toward the goal of telepathy.  Observing throughout the day without judging is another good step.  Make a pledge to try it for a week.  Can you imagine reaching a world of telepathic communication?  It’s not only faster and more convenient; it’s a place where you and I are truly one, holy, and in-Spirit.   Angel Blessings in Your Day ~N   (for more spiritual tips & tools, please visit



Oftentimes I hear people exchange the word “namaste” as we do “good-bye” or “see ‘ya.”   More concerning is that I often hear/see some folks use “namaste” as a spiritual blessing in ending their uninvited disparagement of another, (much like the use of the phrase, “I hope you won’t mind, but,”) or, worse,  as a “seal of rightness” in concluding their spiritual or political point-of-view.   Both are misplaced usage.   Let me introduce you, or return you, to the grace of the word, “Namaste.”

“Namaste” is a spiritual acknowledgement — not a blessing on whatever was aforesaid or done, good/bad or indifferent.   It is uttered only after quieting the mind, listening only to life’s breath, and in that moment’s stillness,  feeling  the who/what/where/when of our God-connectedness.   It is to say at that moment:

“I see You.  I honor that place in You in which the entire universe dwells…I honor the place in You which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace…and I know, when You are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,  We are One.”  

The word “Namaste”  is the invitation to the speaker as well as the listener to be, for the present moment, together in that place of God-connectedness;  a place where opinions, controversies,  and the mental loops do not, and cannot, reside.  Ahhhhhhhhh Gooshwannada!  Noticeable Blessings In Your Day~ N