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Satisfied? or Gratified? Choosing What’s Best

All of us have heard the sage advice, “be grateful for all you have.”  It is a reminder to activate the words “thank you” and give and receive attaching emotions.  Over our years, we have also heard the statement, “just be satisfied with what you have.”  And it appears we have subconsciously applied to this advice the same meaning and virtue as gratitude.  The truth could not be further from wrong.

Gratitude is an action, a dynamic, or vibrant experience.  Even while holding gratitude in silence, there is the feeling of the heart’s swell.   Most importantly, our gratitude or “thank you” sends the message that we desire more of the same.

Satisfaction, on the other hand, is a static or immobile state of being.  It is a feeling of fulfillment.  In addition, chanting “just be satisfied” may be a mental or emotional disguise for an underlying belief in lack or a feeling of hopelessness (“it will never happen, so…”).

While the semantics of the foregoing mantras may appear minor, the effective difference is critical in attracting greater health, wealth and prosperity.  In the natural Law of Attraction, like attracts like.  The Law has no random magnetic operation; rather, the “like” attracted is magnetized by what we dominantly believe, think, feel, speak, and act upon.  In all instances, the Law is without argument to these signals.

Satisfaction is saying, “I am full; I am done.”  Gratitude is exclaiming “I love it and I would love more.”  In satisfaction there is completion.  In gratitude there is creation, because that which we applaud, the Universe will multiply.

To receive all that you desire, exercise gratitude every moment of each day.  Hold satisfaction for good things done…like breakfast, lunch or tea.  Angel Blessings In Your Day~ N






You Used To Be…

Recently I enjoyed reconnecting by chance with a former acquaintance.  We smiled.  We talked.  We shared.  We laughed.   As we were parting with the customary good wishes, she said to me, “You used to be so motivational; you’re much calmer now, but then, you’re older.”  With that, we walked our separate ways.  Mine was complemented with mutterings of indignation.  “Used to be?”  “Older?” “Doesn’t she see the real me?”  “My energy is…is…”  An “Ahha” moment—alternatively “uh-oh”–cooled my disorderly fire.  In truth, I couldn’t complete the sentence.  I didn’t know where my energy or true Spirit was, much less its description.

For the past several days, my brain was at the helm, consumed with unfair challenges occurring in my physical experience.  You know the kind:  money, health, family, etc.  Every day I picked up on my self-assigned chores designed to arrive at fixed solutions. Results could not be forced, and I had not really felt any positive excitement.  To this I added feelings of failure, followed by sadness, with despair–like a UPS package–waiting at my door.  Now that I think of it, in the midst of that everyday mental web, I had even bemoaned, “I’ve lost my Spirit!”

“You used to be.”  I realized that the little phrase is but an engaging stimulus to a person’s Spirit and not at all the affront the ego perceives.  It’s a phrase that forces a person into the Present Moment, where options exist and all choices are made.  Do I want to be where/what I was?  Or, should I compliment myself on having moved beyond that appearance?  For me, the choice was simple and without labor.  With that one phrased invitation, I became aware that my constant laments had inadvertently sent my true Spirit “out-to-lunch.”  Now all I need do is to bring it back, and “Bring It!

Perhaps one day someone will say to you, “you used to be.”  If you want the energy type referred to, claim it.  If you feel dis-ease with hearing it referenced, be joyful in your forward move.  Unknowingly, the speaker offered it in its own perfect time.  Don’t let the Ego interfere with your Journey.   Angel Blessings In Your DayN