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About The Lighter Side of Prayer

The Lighter Side of Prayer is perhaps a first in assuring readers that prayer is not necessarily connected to a religion or theology; but that it is rather an intrinsic, unrestricted interaction we have with God, the universe, and other celestial beings. You’ll learn simple ideas for choosing spontaneous moments to include God. You’ll be reintroduced to your angels and otherworldly friends who are devoted and eager to pray with you and assist you while you’re on earth.  

The book opens with a touching and heart-warming story about “a very reverent man” and his struggle with prayer. With the tone in place, the book begins looking at the traditionally understood elements of prayer and shares greater spiritual insights about those meanings. In the section that follows, the author provides brief, accurate descriptions of each group of ethereal beings with whom we may connect in prayer, including those called “angels.” Following these introductions is an overview of telepathic communication styles individuals may train and expand. From there, angel intuitive and author Nancine Meyer fills a section of the book with inspiring words from the angels which she has channeled specifically for her readers. The book closes with a simple discussion of three healthy habits for more joyful everyday living and some practical steps to get there.  

The Lighter Side of Prayer is an easy-to-read book with extraordinary spiritual concepts toward living a fuller, happier life. When you meet the author, you’ll know it could not possibly be less.

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Nancine Meyer, Main Street Angel


Author Nancine Meyer

"When searching for a 'place for prayer,' keep in mind that God is not invested in our physical forms and creations.There is no greater or lesser place to recall your holiness. Pray as often as you wish, wherever you may be, confident that you are indeed a walking tabernacle.”

The Lighter Side
of Prayer

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